Silicon Valley Chapter of F100 Elite

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Silicon Valley Chapter Members of F-100 Elite

Jim and Margo Dillinger 

Member since January 2004

'56 Pickup 

Mike and Jan Taylor 

Member since August 2007

'54 Pickup

Mike and Linda West 

Member since October 2009

'56 Pannel  

Paul and Kim Perez 

Member since September 2010

'55 Pickup and '53 Panel 

Ricky and Lucia Villa 

Member since September 2011

'56 Pickup 

Don and Marie Rector 

Member since December 2012

'54 F100 Pickup

Paul and Mardell Oller

Member since June 2013 

'50 F1 Pickup

Vern and Roi Solberg 

Member since January 2014

'50  F1 Pickup

Larry and Yolanda Squarcia 

Member since 2014 

'56 F100 Pickup 

'36 Coupe 

'86 Porsche Carrera 911

Michelle Guerreiro 

Member since birth 

'56 F100 Pickup

John & Lynn Hammerschmidt 

Member since August 2018

'56 F100 Pickup (due on the road in 2022)

Jon and Monica Hylbert 

'33 Roadster Pickup 

'50 F1 Pickup

Glenn and Sandy Casey 

Member since January 2016 

'72 F100 Pickup Custom

Ron Wood 

Member since January 2018 

'34 Ford Tudor Sedan 

Rich Periandri 

Kathy Bohn 

Mel and Miriam Mello

                       Rest in Peace Michael Guerreiro and Gary Bohn